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Module 3: Understanding Sensory Processing in Mealtime, Feeding, and Oral Motor Skills

This module explores how trauma may impact nutrition, sensory processing, and oral motor skills necessary for mealtime success. 

Your input as parents is invaluable in guiding the development of my capstone project. Please take a moment to complete this survey and share your insights. Your feedback will play a significant role in enhancing this training program. Thank you for your active participation!"

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Resources from the Module


  1. Resources for All Ages | Johns Hopkins Medicine 


  3. Kids Food Critic Activity 

  4. Phrases that HELP and HINDER 

  5. Discover MyPlate: Look and Cook Recipes | Food and Nutrition Service 

  6. Discover MyPlate: Parent Handouts | Food and Nutrition Service 

  7. Recipes (free) - SOS Approach to Feeding 

  8. Infant Nutrition and Feeding 

  9. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025

  10. Toddler Serving Sizes [Visuals Included!] - Mom to Mom Nutrition 

  11. 12.5 – Nutrition in the Toddler Years

  12. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 

Developmental Milestones and Tip Sheets

  1. Teaching Your Child About Food 

  2. Helping Your Child Eat Healthy Foods and Be Ready to Learn 

  3. Helping Your Child Make Healthy Food Choices 

  4. Developmental Milestones - SOS Approach to Feeding 


  1. Strategies to address positioning challenges 

Feeding Myths

  1. Top 10 Myths - SOS Approach to Feeding 


  1. Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour

  2. Body Awareness Sensory Box | NHS GGC 

  3. Hearing Sensory Box | NHS GGC 

  4. ARK Therapeutic 

  5. Tools for Calming & Organizing  

Oral Motor

  1. Oral Motor Exercises - The OT Toolbox 

  2. Oral Motor Activities 

Chewy Tubes 

  1. Chewy Tubes

  2. Chewy Tubes Instructional Video 

Fun Plates/ Placemats/ Utensils to Encourage Mealtime Participation 

  1. Constructive Eating 

  2. FOOD FACE – Genuine Fred 

  3. Pick-Ease 

  4. Buy - FunBites 

  5. Top 10 Adaptive Eating Utensils For Kids (Infant to Teen) 

Suction Plates/Bowls 

  1. ezpz's products

Protective Clothing  

  1. Protective Clothing for Feeding Information Sheet | NHS GGC

Food Assistance Programs 

  1. WIC- Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women who had a baby within the last six months, infants, and children under the age of five. One must meet income requirements and have a nutritional risk that proper nutrition could help to improve.

    1. WIC Program | Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) 

  2. SNAP- the Food Assistance Program's purpose is to end hunger and improve nutrition by providing monthly benefits to eligible low income households to help them buy the food they need for good health.

    1. Alabama Food Assistance 

  3. National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Programs- The National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs make nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free meals available to school children each school day

    1. National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for Alabama | 

  4. Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)- The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally funded, State-administered program that reimburses providers who serve free, nutritious meals and snacks to children and teens in low-income areas when school is not in session. 

    1. FNS-101: Summer Food Service Program 

    2. Child Nutrition Programs 

  5. Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens

    1. Agency Finder Tool 

    2. Find Food - Food Bank of North Alabama

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