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Carlee Leatherman



My name is Carlee Leatherman. My family has been fostering since 2014 and through this journey, we have welcomed five children into our home forever through adoption.

My experience with foster care has led me to focus my capstone project on helping caregivers understand and address the complex challenges that foster children and their caregivers face, particularly when it comes to the intricate relationship between trauma and food-related behaviors. Growing up in a family that actively fosters children, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges and rewards of providing a stable and loving home for children who have experienced trauma and adversity. It has also shed light on the profound impact that trauma can have on their lives, sometimes manifesting in behaviors related to food that can be confusing, distressing, or even harmful.

My goal is to create resources that provide foster parents with a comprehensive understanding of how trauma can influence a child's relationship with food and more importantly, to equip them with practical strategies to provide effective support.

By sharing my passion for this cause and the knowledge I've gained through my educational journey, I hope to make a meaningful difference and contribute to the well-being of foster children and the incredible families who open their hearts and homes to them. Thank you for joining me on this journey of empowerment, empathy, and education.

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